Texas 4-H Homes For Horses

Our mission at Homes For Horses is bridging the gap between adoptable horses and passionate students with sincerity, originality and pride


Our Mission

Texas continues to have the highest number of horses (approximately 767,100) in the United States. This coupled with the ever-growing population of at-risk horses, sometimes referred to as “unwanted” horses, puts Texas in a unique position to develop more opportunities and programs to mitigate the abuse, neglect, and abandonment of our beloved equine partner. Texas 4-H youth are keenly aware of the issues surrounding the substantial increase in the number of horses needing new homes and new purpose. They struggle to find opportunities that are meaningful and impactful in making a real difference in an industry they are so passionate about. This new and inventive program serves to connect 4-H youth with the opportunity to be boots on the ground in solving the at-risk horse problem through education, outreach, and adoption. By facilitating alternatives for horses through innovative program goals, we can work towards solving a long-overdue problem, one horse and one kid at a time. So what are you waiting for!? Apply Today!