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What are some things I will need to provide for my horse?

Here are some things to consider when preparing to bring a horse home. They will need adequate shelter, feed, farrier visits, veterinary care, transportation options, and other miscellaneous supplies. Not to worry, we will help you in any way we can so you and your family feel prepared!

Will I get to choose my horse? 

4-H students will not have the option to choose their horse for this program. Program leads and the graduate assistant will carefully go over your application submission, as well as personally watch your riding and or in hand capability with a horse. Only then will we make our decision to match horse and student.

Do I need to have horse experience?

Yes, we would like for all of our applicants to have some sort of background knowledge of horses. We will have horses both for in-hand students only, as well as for those who can ride. We ask that you do your research on caring for a horse before completing our application process! Set yourself up for success!


FAQ Continued

The Answers You Need


Will these horses be vet checked before I take them home for the

4-H year? 

Yes! The horse that you are matched with will come with a clean bill of health from a Veterinarian before being turned over to your care. Any medical care that the horse needs while with you will be at your own expense. Remember you will be given a $1,000 stipend when you take the horse home to help offset these costs.

Do I own the horse when I am matched for the program? 

You are adopting the horse once matched for a year! This means the horse is yours for the 4-H year BUT CAN NOT be sold during this time. We will then have an auction at the State 4-H show for the horses not being taken home with their trainer. If at that time you would like to buy your horse for a discounted price you can!

Do I need to bring anything to the Day 1 workshop?

YES! If you are selected for the under saddle team you will need to bring your saddle, bridle, saddle pad, and anything else you plan to use while riding your horse (training aids). If you are selected for the in-hand team, please bring a halter + lead rope and lunge line.