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Commonly Asked Questions

What are some things I will need to provide for my horse?

Here are some things to consider when preparing to bring a horse home. They will need adequate shelter, safe and secure fencing in good repair, access to daily turnout, adequate hay, feed, and a continuous supply of fresh water, farrier care, veterinary care, transportation options, and other miscellaneous supplies. Caring for horses is a BIG endeavor, but the rewards are worth it!

Will I get to choose my horse?

Those selected to participate in the program will be paired with a horse carefully selected for them by program leadership and adoption partners based on the information provided in the application and interview. Applicants have the option to choose an in-hand project horse or under saddle project, which is denoted in the application.

Do I need to have horse experience? 

Yes, in order for participants to have success with their equine partner, they need to have some background knowledge of horses. The in-hand horse projects are more suitable for participants with less experience. We ask that you do your research on working with and caring for horses before completing our application process to set yourself up for success!

Will these horses be vet checked before I take them home for the 4-H year? 

Yes! The horse that you are matched with will come with a full health check-up and will be up-to-date on health care, such as vaccinations, deworming, and microchip before being turned over to your care. Any known medical conditions or special care needed will be fully disclosed. Remember, as participants of the program, a $1,000 stipend will be provided to help offset horse ownership expenses.

Do I own the horse when I am matched for the program?

Horses will be adopted by the family for the 4-H year and must remain in the family’s ownership to complete the program and be eligible for stipend, educational resources, competition, and scholarships. At the conclusion of the program, families can choose to permanently keep their adopted equine partner (a suggested donation of $550 to the facilitating adoption partner is encouraged) or turn the horse ownership over for an adoption event at the Texas State 4-H Horse Show. 

Do I need to bring anything to the Day 1 Meet & Greet?

YES! If you are selected for the under saddle project you will need to bring your saddle, bridle, saddle pad, and anything else you plan to use while riding for evaluation. If you are selected for the in-hand project, please bring a halter, lead rope and lunge line. Transportation for the horse from the Meet & Greet location is the responsibility of the family. Please let us know if these requirements are prohibitive and we can work with you to help overcome these hurdles!

Can I show the horse throughout the project year of the program?

Yes! The more you can achieve with your horse the better! Show experience is a great addition to any horse training program. We encourage involvement with county/district 4-H horse shows/events, other associations, horse clubs etc. with your new equine partner.

Does my adopted horse have to be validated with 4-H to compete at the Texas State 4-H Horse Show?

Yes, all horses competing at the Texas State 4-H Horse Show have to be validated through March-May prior to the show in July. The validation process helps to ensure the 4-H objective to assist youth in developing life skills. Decision making and planning are keys to building awareness and following through to project completion. When youth take ownership responsibility for these aspects, they receive a more complete experience that prepares them for the future.

How is the stipend to offset horse ownership expenses distributed?

This program is designed to facilitate the opportunity for new 4-H families to get involved with horses who otherwise might not have been able to participate by providing a low-risk investment opportunity to try horse ownership for the first time. Therefore, a total stipend of $1,000 will be provided to each family to help offset the cost of horse ownership. Disbursements of $500 will paid by check from the Texas 4-H Foundation in December and June. The adopted horse must remain in the family’s ownership for the entire duration of the program to receive stipend.

Is there an adoption fee to be paired with my at-risk horse and participant in the program?

Thanks to the generous support and consideration of The Right Horse Initiative and our adoption partners , there is not a fee to adopt the horse and participate in the program. However, one must consider all the expenses that go into preparing a horse for adoption, such as health care, microchipping, and training. If families choose to permanently keep their adopted equine partner at the conclusion of the program, a suggested donation of $550 to the facilitating adoption partner is encouraged.

Can I lease out or sell my adopted horse?

Horses will be adopted by the family for the 4-H year and must remain in the family’s ownership to complete the program and be eligible for stipend, educational resources, competition, and scholarships. If a family determines that they can no longer care for the horse at any time during the program, they can return the horse to the adoption partner.

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