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2023-2024 Participants + Horses

Youth helping horses helping youth!

Audra Peters + Dorito

Hi, I’m Audra Peters. I am a sophomore. This is my third year in 4H. I have been riding for 3 years and am a member of the Bell County 4H Drill Team. I was paired with Dorito, who is a one year old Tennessee Waking Horse. So far he has been very willing to learn and has a great personality. He can be a bit stubborn but loves cuddles. We have recently discovered he loves to jump fences to to be with our other horses. Follow our Instagram @my_little_dorito.


Brianna Rohweder + Jem

Howdy! My name is Brianna Rohweder, I am a sophomore at Lufkin High School. This is my second year participating in the Home for Horses Program. On my first year, I was in the in-hand category, and this year I am participating in the under-saddle category. My equine partner this year is Jem, an 18-year-old Missouri Foxtrot gelding. In the short period of time I have had Jem I can already tell he is a gentle giant that has a lot of potential. Jem and I have already bonded and have started to work hard towards our ultimate goal – making him into a horse safe for anybody to ride. Follow our progress on Instagram @shinebrightlike_jem

Kayl Schueler + Rye

Hey my name is Kayl Schueler. I am a homeschooled sophomore. We have 4 other horses one of them is mine he is my roping/ barrel horse. This year I was paired with a beautiful, smart, and sweet horse named Rye. He has a kind heart and wants to learn. I can tell someone has already worked with him a little, but he still has a ways to come! I love Rye and I think he will turn out to be a pretty awesome horse.

2023-2024 Participants: Our Programs

Peyton Schueler + Blue Sky

I am Peyton Schueler. I am a junior in high school. I competed in the 4H homes for horses program last year. Since I enjoyed the program I decided to participate in it again. This year I got an 11 year old paint mare named Blue Sky. She is beautiful and doing great, she is very sweet and kind. I would love to get her where we can use her on our farm and ranch to work cattle. You can follow Blue Sky and my progress on Kevin-Ami Schueler Facebook and Instagram page.


Madison Chaloupka + Ruger

Howdy! My name is Madison Chaloupka and I am a third year Homes for Horses participant from Lubbock, TX. My partner, Ruger, is a 4 year old thoroughbred gelding. He is a big boy but he has a sweet disposition and is very willing. You can follow us on Instagram @madison.chaloupka to watch his progress!

Aideen Chaloupka + Rio

Howdy! My name is Aideen Chaloupka and I am a freshman from Lubbock, TX. I am a competitive gymnast and enjoy sewing. My partner is Rio, an AQHA yearling. Although he has not had much experience with handling, he has been super willing and learning fast! Follow us on Instagram @aideen_chaloupka04 to see our progress!

2023-2024 Participants: Our Programs

Addison Ramsey + Figaro 

Hello, my name is Addison Ramsey and I will be working with the horse Figaro this year. I am in NJHS, and FFA for my school this year. I am also in 4-H. Last year I showed pigs with Lubbock- Cooper FFA. I placed second place in the San- Antonio stock show and won 11thousand dollars. I would like to become a veterinarian and Figaro is going to help me achieve this goal. Figaro is almost two years old, a very kind, and brave horse. He loves to be with me at all times. What I would really like to learn with him this year are the basic things needed to know about raising a horse. Figaro has been a great match for me.

DSC03789 (1).jpg

Giles Miller + Stanley

Giles Miller & Stanley

2023-2024 Participants: Our Programs

Abigail Traylor + Legolas (Lays)

My name is Abigail Traylor. I am a homeschooled freshman in high school and college. I’ve been riding since I was 3 years old, and this is my first year participating in Homes4Horses. I’ve been in 4-H since I was 5 years old – ‘Clover Kids Rule!’  This year I have been paired with 3yr old Lays. After seeing him I immediately changed his barn name to Legolas. He is a sweet boy, has a shy disposition and LOVES cookies! Follow us on TikTok, FB & IG where we go LIVE often.  @TheTraylorTribe


Jaydon Bowen + Popper 

My name is Jaydon Bowen and I got paired with Popper for my Homes for Horses project. Popper is an almost 2-year-old filly and she has a popping personality. She is super curious and always interested in what you are doing. I have started her groundwork and she is proving to be very smart as well.  I have been riding for a little over 9 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have ridden both Western and English and definitely like English the best, mostly because I like the thrill of jumping. My mom and dad train and sell horses as well as teach so I have learned how to start and train horses as well. So far I have trained over 6 horses and I feel confident about how well I will be able to train Popper. I currently have three horses, Roxy, Bell, and Popper, and all three of them are in nice shape and are very good at what they do. Roxy, my jumping horse, has started this Fall’s shows off to a good start.  I have just about got first at every jump show I've been to. Originally Roxy was my mom's horse. She let me start jumping Roxy on a whim now she’s never getting her back.  We started with cross rails and I have worked her up to 2’9”. Roxy LOVES jumping. Bell was a little project pony I had been working on to earn some car money. Already we have been able to use her in our lesson program.  Popper is going to be such a fun horse to start similar to my last 4H futurity horse.  Really looking forward to recording her progress.

2023-2024 Participants: Our Programs
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