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2022-2023 Participants + Horses

Youth helping horses helping youth!

Kaleigh Newman + Boone

Hello! My name is Kaleigh Newman. I am a freshman and I have been paired with Boone. Boone is a 12 year old pinto pony gelding. He is slower to trust, but he has come a long way in our time together, and I can't wait to see what is to come!


David Kendrick + Hazelnut

Hey, My name is David Kendrick. I have been riding horses since I can remember. This year I am paired with Hazel, a grade buckskin paint mare. She is super smart and willing to learn, just lacks some experience so I hope to grow both my and her abilities through the year. Follow our journey at homesforhorses_hazel on Instagram.


Ava Fry + Sadie

Howdy! My name is Ava Fry and I am a homeschooled freshman from Lone Oak, Texas. I have been riding horses since I was six years old. This is my first year doing the Homes For Horses Project. I have been paired with Lizzie, but we call her Sadie. She is a very sweet horse and I'm so excited to see what we can do! Follow us on instagram!

2021-2022 Participants: Our Programs

Brianna Rohweder + Jess

Hey! My name is Brianna Rohweder, I am a freshman at Lufkin High School. I've always loved horses, and through Angelina County 4-H I found a Horse Judging Team and I have been part of it for the last 3 years. I currently have 3 other horses, Buck, Stormy and my little foal Chicken Nugget. I was paired with Jess, a sweet 16 year old flea bitten gray Quarter Horse. One of my goals with Jess is to improve her topline. Jess has already proven to be a very smart and fast learner. I am really looking forward to work with Jess and see how far we can go together.


Kayl Schueler + Dublin

Hey! My name is Kayl Schueler I am a homeschooled freshman. This is my first year to be in the homes for horses program. I have been riding since I could walk. I love horses so much within my family we have 4 other horses, 2 of those horses my dad broke with my help and 1 of the horses I broke with the help from my dad. I was partnered with Dublin a grade horse but looks like a quarter horse. He loves lovings and wants attention.

Madison + Theo

Howdy! My name is Madison Chaloupka and I am a sophomore from Lubbock, Tx. I am a returning participant to the Homes for Horses Program. In the previous year I was in the in-hand category and had a blast working with my horse X. I have been riding for about 8 years and ride english in the hunter jumpers. This year I have been partnered with Blackout (renamed Theo) a 16 yr old Saddlebred gelding. So far he has shown huge potential for the jumpers or dressage ring. He absolutely LOVES licking you and I am proud of his progress already and cannot wait for what is to come! Follow us along on instagram @m_chaloupka02

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2021-2022 Participants: Our Programs

Anna Young + Count

Hello! My name is Anna Young and I am in 8th grade. I have been paired with Count, a 20 year old gelding. He was listed as a peruvian paso, but we are still trying to determine what we think he is. Though he is a little unsure of things, he is super curious and willing. I am very excited to see how we progress! Follow our progress @countdown_with_count on insta


Peyton Schueler + Rocket

Hi my name is Peyton. Im a sophomore and I’m home schooled. I was paired with Rocket, he is a 7 Year old quarter horse with a Lots of potential. He is learning to trust me slowly. I have been riding horses since I was little.

2021-2022 Participants: Our Programs
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