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Jan 04, 2022
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Cali has been making great progress on the ground. She stands tied, even when super close to other horses, and she leads next to you without walking over you! She's been improving and refining her lunging cues, as well as being able to blanket and tack up without being tied. Her personality has come out so much! The girl who boards her horses with us brought a friend to the barn a few times, and she fell in love with Cali. So, Cali has been giving her lessons! Riding wise, she hasn't made much improvement compared to when she first came. She has always been pretty solid in the saddle, but she is starting to practice our Quad routine with us when one of our horses are lame! She enjoys attention, and comes running to you in the pasture. She also can now be in a pasture alone without pacing! We are still working on pacing in the stall, but it's taking her some time to adjust.
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